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The Special Education Department was given an independent status in October, 2011, since then department is endeavoring to improve the quality of education provided in Special Education schools/ centers through various revolutionary initiatives.
VISION: Our vision is that every child with special needs reaches their maximum potential in school and makes a smooth transition into adulthood education & vocational training. Our goal is to foster social cohesion and we envision an inclusive society where there is no form of discrimination. Also to build the Capacity of Persons with Disabilities through comprehensive training.

MISSION: To provide free, high quality education to Special Children with special needs in the Sindh province and work in partnership with students, families and the community for their optimum development and bring them into mainstream through their reputation/ working and awareness in the society.

AIMS & OBJECTIVES : Curriculum Development, Teaching Training, Quality Education, Vocational Skills, Capacity Building, Infrastructural Improvement, Participation, Inclusion Awareness, Transparency Rehabilitation, Expansion & Up- gradation, Community Development, Job Placement Private Sector & NGO Involvement, Monitoring & Evaluation.

ADP PROJECTS : Rs. 400 Million have been proposed for repair and renovation of the existing school network. This project is to be completed in 2 years. Rs. 450 Million have been proposed for the establishment of more Special schools at the taluka Level to cater for the growing population and this project will be completed in 3 years.

ONE WINDOW OPERATION : The One Window Operation An Extraordinary Measure by the Social Education Department. Normally the process of obtaining a Special CNIC involves visit to five separate Government Department. This “ One Window” operation commissioned by the Department, brought all the department together in one place, making the process easier and allowing persons with disabilities to obtain their SCNIC in a shorter time span. Recipients of the SCNIC are eligible for discounts and benefits by the Government.

IMPACT EVALUATION STUDIES : There is severe lack of updated and reliable data of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in Pakistan. It has been 17 years since the 1998 census, after which no provincial or federal level statistics have been collected for PWDs. The Department of Special Education, Sindh is striving to initiate provincial level data collection for better programming, planning & policy making.

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