Works & Services Department Govt of Sindh

Buildings Department, headed by Chief Engineer (Building) is responsible for construction and maintenance of buildings including allied services for all the Departments of Sindh Government. The system for execution of an original scheme includes:


a)  Identification of site and scope of the project by the Administrative Department. 


b)  Preparation of line plans by the Consulting Architect and its approval by the Administrative Department.


c)  Preparation of rough cost estimates by the Director General (Design) Office on the basis of approved scope and line plan and preparation of PC-I by the concerned Administrative Department. Its approval by the competent forum, issuance of Administrative Approval and arrangement of funds by the Administrative Department through Finance Department.


d)  Preparation of detailed estimate on the basis of working drawings prepared by the Architect, assessment of bearing capacity of soil, structural designing and its technical sanction by the competent authority.


e)  Preparation and approval of tender documents by the Authority.


f)   Floating of tenders and acceptance thereof by the authority defined in the Delegations of Financial Powers.


g)  The Department is engaged in construction and maintenance of a large number of Buildings scattered over the entire province, which includes some difficult remote areas like Arid Zones, Thar and Kattcha Area.


Similarly the work plan for maintenance of buildings is prepared in consultation with the Administrative Department/user and items of work executed and paid after getting a certificate from them.


After devolution the Health Buildings like Rural Health Centers and Basic Health Units, Dispensary of Health Department and other small buildings are constructed and repaired annually by the District Government.


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