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Revamping/Rehabilitation Of Irrigation And Drainage Systems In Sindh

 The main objectives of the project is to improve the operational efficiency of irrigation water ensuring the safety of the canal systems and delivering equitable assured share of water to the farmers at the tails reaches of the canal with adequate drainage cover in the order to boost up the national economy to alleviate the poverty in rural area of Sindh and ensure delivery of drinking water to urban area of the province. Works of the project are in full swing and up to date progress is 55%.

 Right Bank Outfall Drain (RBOD)

 The project of Right Bank Outfall Drain (RBOD) is under construction from Sehwan to sea. The project is being supported and monitored by 5 Corps Engineers. The project after completion will provide the facility to carry out the drainage effluent of Sindh and Balochistan Provinces from Karampur to sea at Gharo Creek. The works of the scheme are in full swing. After completion of this project pollution of Malir Lake will stop.

 Lining Of Distributaries And Minors

 The project costing Rs.12445 million is sanctioned by the Federal Government for 514 numbers, irrigation channels having a discharge carrying capacity of 200 cusecs are to be lined in the perennial and non – perennial canal commanded areas of the Gudu, Sukkur and Kotri Barrages. About 822,876 acres more area is expected to be irrigated by saving 3491 cusecs water after lining of channels. Consultants have been engaged and execution of works has also been commenced.

 Works Of Chotiari Reservoir Under PSDP

 The following remaining works of Chotiari Reservoir are under execution through this department: -


Construction of 2 fall structures on Nara Canal at RD 335 and 460 re – sectioning of Ranto Canal RD 0 to 72 and strengthening of NIP of Jamrao Canal mile 17 to 49.






Construction of Makhi Farash Link Canal Project (Chotiari Phase – II).



Installation of 100 tube wells of saline water around Chotiyaroon.






Recouping deficiencies along Chotiari Reservoir.


 After the execution of above schemes the Chotiari Reservoir will be filled up to required capacity and its benefits will be accrued by providing additional water to 324,000 acres of land in districts Sanghar and Umerkot through construction of Makhi Farash Link Canal including remodelling of off taking canals from Nara Canal at Farash Regulator.

Small Storage Dam

 The objective of the sector/sub sector is infrastructure development in water conservation and to achieve a sustained increase in the potential of surface as well as groundwater reservoirs intended to be exploited for domestic water supply and agriculture for the hard pressed habitants of hilly Kohistan Region and Nagarparkar. 

 Monitoring & Evaluation Cell


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