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Parvez Ahmed Seehar (Secretary IS&T)

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The rapid development of a Knowledge-based Society is vital to the success and progress of the province.


  • Optimal attainment of e-Governance culture in the Government Departments for attaining required integrated efficiency and effectiveness by promoting paperless environment.

  • Enhancing participation of the disadvantaged groups of society in government’s decision-making through use of ICT as an enabler.

  • Promoting the number of users impliedly increasing demand of e-Governance.

  • Promoting public-private partnership

  • Implementation of e-Projects.

  • Development of Inter-institutional approach as opposed to institutions working in silos.

  • Capacity enhancement of government agencies for public service delivery benefiting common citizens.

  • Information Sharing.

  • e-Democracy i.e. Promotion of e-election system.

  • Sustainability – Enabling  government departments to sustain the I.T projects.

Education :  Nurture and develop the future generations of Pakistan through a research based,    technology driven, well organized network of educational institutions and a dynamic team of teachers

Health : Technology based  high quality Healthcare (e-Health) in all sectors.

Police : Capacity building and enhancement of existing capabilities based on ICT solutions.

Security: Enhancement of human/ asset security by way of ICT inputs.

Judiciary: To perform the role of an effective bridge between Government of Sindh and the courts.

Land Records: Efficient and transparent Lease Management through Information Technology  integration and accurate data capture.

Agriculture : Using quality I.T inputs and latest tools and technologies for giving maximum yields and highest return on investment.

Priority Areas

  • Induction of IT at all levels of government to improve efficiency, transparency and provide quality services

  • Adoption of a modular approach to achieve the goal for E-Government

  • Replacement of physical file system to e-file system through the use of Internet and Intranet in the Government Departments

  • Computer and office automation training for the management and secretariat staff of Sindh Government

  • Development of Provincial database for framing different policies by the government of Sindh

  • To make IT literacy as a mandatory feature for all future employment in Government Department

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On Going Projects

1. Computerization of Domicile & PRC in Coordination with NADRA
2. Development of Core Geographic Information system (GIS) with Specialized Overlays


Up Coming Projects

1. Arfa  Kareem IT City, Karachi (Phase-II)

2.e-Portal for all Govt of Sindh Departments (Webs for all Deptt.)


News & Updates
"Master Plan of the ARFA KARIM IT CITY KARACHI" by Honorable Dr. Ishrat-ul-Ebad Khan, Governor Sindh
Tender : E-Managment System for IST Department , Government of Sindh
Tender :Barani Area Water Availbality Study / Pilot water Supply Project, ,Government of Sindh

E-Portal For all Govt. of Sindh Dept: (Web for all Dept. ,Government of Sindh
Tender : E-Portal For all Govt. of Sindh Dept: (Web for all Dept.
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