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Introduction of e-police System in Sindh

Brief Progress

The Government of Sindh has embarked on the mission  to computerize and modernize the Police Department, provide process automation, connectivity & information inflow to the Police Stations, Central Police Office and Prisons all over the province by the utilization of latest technology.

  • Development of Sindh Police ERP, Traffic Police ERP, Prison Management System

  • 15 Madadgar Call Centre.

  • e-Driving License & Violation Ticketing System.

  • Traffic Management System.

  • Procurement of Hardware and Networking in Police and Prison  Departments.

  • Establishment of FM Radio

  • Establishment of Video Conferencing System

  • Internet Connectivity

  • Establishment of e-Police Directorate

  • Sindh Police Website


Quantifiable Objectives

  • Installation of Local area networks at 500 locations including all Police stations of Sindh, Central police office and Police Head quarter of Sindh.

  • Installation of Local area networks in premises of Prisons Head Quarter / Central Prison, Karachi and connectivity with all 20 prisons of Sindh.

  • Installation of Local area networks in premises of SINDH Traffic Police.

  • Interconnectivity of all Police stations covered in the project.

  • Interconnectivity of all the buildings of mentioned above.

  • Interconnectivity of all the locations of SINDH traffic police, covered in the project.

  • Secure Intranet Access for Police stations covered in the project.

  • Establishment of a Data centre for hosting of Web applications, ERP applications and databases.

  • Development and implementation of internal Police Portal for quick and focused information delivery.

  • Implementation of Public police website site for citizens and its interconnectivity with Sindh Government Portal.

  • Development, Integration, and implementation of an internal police portal, which will be accessed by Police/Prison offices.

  • Installation/Training on office productivity software to designated Police/Prison officers.

  • Installation /Training on messaging and collaboration software to Police/Prison officers.

  • Development of customized applications and automation of major registers currently beings used in the police stations.

  • Development of ERP applications and internal workflow systems for improving internal efficiency of Police.

  • Establishment of Cyber Crime Detection Cell.

  • Development of specific applications for SINDH Traffic Police.

  • Development of Resource management and Dispatch (Movement) System of Prisoners out of Jails through SINDH Police.

  • Scanning of Previous record of all police stations of Sindh and data entry into databases.

  • Scanning and Data entry of Police record of central record office in Police Head Quarter.

  • Scanning and data entry of records of SINDH Traffic Police.

  • Installation/Training/support of customized applications to SINDH police.

  • Installation configuration of automated Fax system.

  • Installation/Configuration/Training of networking devices to Network/system administrators.

  • Maintenance / Support by Vendors on Networking Equipment (Firewalls, IDS, switches, Network Sensors) supplied in the project.

  • Technical support by software vendors on licensed software.

  • Technical support on ERP applications.

  • Network administration support and monitoring.

  • Providing extensive training on the new environment to the end user as well as support staff.

  • Helpdesk facility.

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